IL MOVIMENTO DELLA VERITA’. Nota su quattro note della Scienza della logica


This essay deals with the semantization of Being, a question that you can find in the first pages of Hegel’s Science of Logic.

For the German philosopher this question is not abstract but includes the core of his thought. Being and Nothing are in fact not empty notions, but they embody the way in which the energy of the living and of the concept expresses itself in the human knowledge. One of the two terms, the Nothing itself, contrary to the ‘good sense’, leads the game as it is endowed with a force which is not only negative, but also plastic and modeling the world experience. It is in the Becoming that the Nothing can be thought and its outcome is the ‘determinate being’. For Hegel therefore the contest between Being and Nothing does not end in a draw, but it generates a different thought of the world, the speculative thinking, for which contradiction is not lethal but generates a transcendent meaning in which the human can be returned to itself.

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