Logica e tempo


Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000222 EndHTML:0000003567 StartFragment:0000002516 EndFragment:0000003531 SourceURL:file://localhost/Users/leonardosamona/Desktop/giornale%20di%20metafisica/RUGGIULOGICATEMPOPALERMODEF2.doc The time is not part of the logic, but it is founded by logic. In the doctrine of being (quantity) and in the doctrine of the concept and mechanism both plays an essential role. In time logic it comes in its intemporality and therefore as everlasting, constituting the foundation and the essence of the time in its manifold occur both in reality of nature as in that of the spirit. There is not therefore a reduction of time in general while spatialized of nature, which presents itself as simply time intuition, as opposed to time as time or conceived time. The eternity of time expresses its need as an expression of the concept. The concept is the power of the time, and founds its negativity. Time is not given but set from social space structure of reason, which leads the meanings of unconscious or natural logic to clarification in the constitution of reality as equal to the I, to the concept.
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